Transform stories into insights

Folktale’s easy to use platform empowers your stakeholders to contribute their stories, observations and experiences through a simple mobile video experience.

Whether you are an organization, community or program based, the Folktale platform transforms individual stories from collaborators io organizations and collate them into qualitative insights with ease.

Folktale videos are often used as documentation, a feedback loop or for reporting. The videos validate impact with real insights best heard through voice and vision

Don’t lose important information in unread reports.

Extracting tangible insights from stories generated by customers and communities is currently unstructured, fractured and immature.

Perspectives are filtered;
Reports aren’t read;
Poor decisions get made;
Time, money and opportunities are wasted

Listen effectively to your stakeholders

Our platform elevates your market engagement by connecting individual contributors on-the-ground and program teams.

The result is rich and unique perspectives that can't be captured in a report.

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