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Most organizations struggle to understand and communicate their impact. Folktale solves this by empowering communities to tell their stories, observations & experience through crowd-sourced video.

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How it works

Collect crowd-sourced stories

Folktale's platform empowers program teams to request and collect stories from contributors in the field. Contributors are guided by easy to follow templates that result in rich and cohesive stories.

Synthesize key insights

Folktale Supercuts drive understanding beyond numbers by analyzing and condensing large volumes of story submissions into bite-sized and engaging summary videos.

Share your impact

Whether you need to communicate with donors, internal teams or at the board level, keep all of your stakeholders informed and engaged with Folktale.

Usually, it would cost us a month of person-power for an average report. Folktale can change that. It’s not just about fun stories, it’s about data.
Chief Strategy Officer
DT Global
We're engaging with people in their everyday lives, which is at the heart of good development.
Communications Lead
World Bank

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