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Folktale is an engagement platform for organizations to gather stories & insights that inform better decision-making.

Make Better Decisions

Most organizations struggle to understand and communicate their impact. Folktale solves this by empowering communities to tell their stories, observations & experience through crowd-sourced video.

“Usually, it would cost us a month of
person-power for an average report.
Folktale can change that. It’s not just about fun stories, it’s about data.”

— VP of Strategy & Innovation, DT Global

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& Donor Relations

Stories can change hearts and minds.
Folktale empowers communications teams to capture timely, high-quality and real stories from your community to better articulate your work and impact.

& Evaluation

Numbers don’t always provide the full picture.
Understand your program’s true impact by empowering
your community to tell their authentic stories.

Program Management
& Oversight

Understand your program’s effectiveness
and make more inclusive decisions based on authentic
input from the stakeholders that matter most to you.

Gain Critical Context
Secure Funding
Understand Effectiveness

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