Step 1: Create a Workspace

What will your workspace be primarily used for?

This helps us understand how we can assist you to make your Folktale experience more successful.


Folktale empowers the use of voices of stakeholders to:

Elevate community perspectives
Connect audiences to your mission
Share learnings and key insights
Demonstrate progress outcomes to donors & partners
Activate a call-to-action to take positive actions

Data Collection

Folktale enables field-based staff to:

Document participant experiences
Collect participant feedback and reflections
Verify field activities
Explore local context
Observe change over time


Folktale enables community-based staff to:

Listen to diverse perspectives
Discover the experiences and sentiments of community members
Synthesize large volumes of stories into key issues and themes
Understand what matters most
Learn how to improve

Participatory Method

Program teams and evaluation consultants use Folktale to:

Consult with communties
Empower communities to be a part of the process
Reflect on lived experience
Co-create shared meaning
Co-design solutions
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