Mobile Storytelling as a Monitoring Tool

Both stories and mobile technology allow organisations to observe and monitor field activity in a cost efficient way. The format of story can elicit insights and context not often shared through written field reports. The nature of mobile and video enables more effective monitoring and oversight and can reduce the need for frequent in-country visits.

Field Monitoring Activities: Enable staff as field reporters to use Folktale while conducting regular field monitoring activities. Local funded partners or Field officers conducting in-country visits conduct interviews with program partners and beneficiaries to document field activity against outcomes. Enable participants to regularly provide reflections and video diaries to monitor their progress and participation in program activity.

Monitoring for Adaptive Management: Adaptive Management goes "beyond the usual adaptation involved in good management - modifying plans in response to changes in circumstances or understanding, and using information to inform these decisions". This approach has been increasingly incorporated into international / global development projects since the pandemic.

Conference/event participation: Participants are invited or required to record a Folktale capturing their goals, visions, expectations for the start of the initiative. Participants are required to capture reflections at the end of each day’s convening. This can be done on their own time, or captured at a station at the event.

Longitudinal video diary capture: Participants are trained on how to use Folktale at kick off, and are required to submit regular Folktales at set intervals reflecting on their progress, their experience and any change that has taken place. The capture of a digital story contribution are regular points can deliver excellent summaries of change over time at the completion of an intervention, scholarship, or program.

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