Using Folktale as a Learning Tool

Mobile storytelling can be used as a learning tool, but can factor into broader strategies to build a community and culture of sharing and learning.

Mobile storytelling for case studies: In order to identify and share case studies on innovation, one customer conducted interviews with five diverse teams who were supported to capture the content, process and learning from their innovation to share with the broader organisation. Each case study was a supercut summary video comprising 3-4 contributions per team. In addition to documenting the innovation, the purpose behind this was to promote a culture of innovation and provide motivation and inspiration for other teams.

Mobile storytelling for program showcases: This customer invites a different program to complete a story that showcases their program. The summary video is shared internally at the monthly leadership meeting and between teams. They have found this is necessary as an approach towards building connection regionally and across teams and working towards a share understanding.

Reflection and learning: Stories captured as part of an evaluation activity were summarised into a supercut which then supplemented the end of program review. This helped the team to reflect on the iteration for the program design of the next activity.

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