Folktale for Evaluation: Harnessing Mobile Storytelling for Impact

Folktale is revolutionizing the way we conduct evaluations through its mobile storytelling platform. With a focus on outcomes, systems-level change, and complex relational activities like advocacy, networking, mentoring, and behavior change, Folktale offers new avenues for capturing participant reflections and collecting evidence of project achievements.

Outcome and Impact Evaluation: Folktale enables mobile storytelling as a powerful tool for evaluating change. Using our platform, we capture participant reflections on their experiences of advocacy, networking, and mentoring support. Our templates are aligned with the program's theory of change and its advocacy and networking outcomes. Our unique approach accommodates ad hoc, contextual, and opportunistic activity.

Mobile Storytelling for Outcomes Harvesting: Folktale also serves as a supplementary data tool for collecting evidence of what has been achieved. Outcomes harvesting works backward to determine whether and how the project or intervention contributed to the change. With Folktale, we enable project informants to contribute their reflections to the harvest, using our templates to structure the capture of their evidence of intended and unintended changes.

Empowerment Evaluation: Folktale's platform also empowers communities to evaluate their own performance and accomplish their goals. Our stakeholder involvement approach fosters self-determination and sustainability. This is particularly useful for place-based and community-based initiatives.

In conclusion, Folktale's mobile storytelling platform offers a unique and powerful approach to conducting evaluations. Our focus on outcomes, systems-level change, and complex relational activities, as well as our templates and empowerment evaluation approach, provide a new and effective way to evaluate project achievements and empower communities. Join us in harnessing the power of mobile storytelling for impact.

We would like to acknowledge and pay respects to the Traditional Custodians and Elders of the lands where we live, learn and work and extend our respect to Traditional Custodians whose country we create on, to their Elders, both past, present and emerging. We also celebrate and embrace diversity and strive to take an inter-sectional approach that empowers those around us and is respectful of their lived experience. We endeavour to create an environment that is equitable and  inclusive for everyone we work with and for, where everyone's voice is heard.

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