Utilising Digital Storytelling to Generate Content for External Use

As an example, The World Bank has utilized digital storytelling to generate stories of change for a variety of its programs to demonstrate the pathways to change through its work in the Pacific.

Impact Communications: Utilising digital storytelling to communicate program story of change to a wider audience. One customer utilised digital storytelling to compile participant reflections on the activities, purpose and impact of a Pacific program, to compile a supercut that could be used for engagement with donors, prospective participants and their wider network via social media pages

World Bank has been using digital storytelling to document the impact and change of program participants with the intention to utilise the stories for internal marketing to future program participants. In this video we discuss some of the evidence for the use of storytelling in global development at Devex World.

Donor Communications: Another customer has utilised digital storytelling to showcase their innovative work in sport for development in the Pacific. The content has been used to support communication with primary donors as well as showcase their work with wider stakeholders and potential funders.

Network Communication. A company that manages International scholarships to Australia will be utilising digital storytelling to monitor scholar progress through the program lifecycle and utilise these stories in its engagement with related DFAT posts and embassies in the scholar's home countries.

Community Engagement: Yet another customer used digital storytelling to capture stories from the field that were used to engage and connect its funders and supporters with the cause. A government grant was used to support PhD researchers engaging in scientific studies supporting the Antarctic. Folktale has been used to capture and communicate why this research is so important and why supporting these researchers is so important for the future of the Antarctic.

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