How GHD and Team Up use Folktale to increase shared understanding

Team Up is the Australian Government’s sport for development program in the Asia-Pacific, comprising more than 30 partnerships across 13 sports working towards three outcomes:

  • Sports programs attract and retain women, girls and people with a disability, as well as men and boys

  • Sports organizations are safe, inclusive and accessible

  • Australia and Asia-Pacific partners use sport to strengthen relationships and build closer collaboration

These three outcomes all contribute to Team Up’s overall goal: Australia-Asia-Pacific sport partnerships support all people to realize their full potential through sport.

Putting video storytelling opportunities into the hands of our partners has been an increasing focus for Team Up. In years past, sport for development programs without in-house video production capacity had to engage external companies to produce video content about their work and impact, at significant cost. Thanks to advancements in the quality of mobile phone cameras and Folktale’s ease of use, Team Up has been supporting partners to produce more video content themselves, via Folktale, since early 2021. Folktale has supported Team Up partners in the Pacific to capture regular video stories about their programs and produce engaging and professional-looking content for media and communications purposes, some of which has been broadcast on television.

Based on positive feedback from partners that video is a more intuitive way to communicate program impact compared to written reporting templates, Team Up’s monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning (MERL) team has commenced the use of reporting via Folktale to replace some written reporting components.

Example of Folktale Content

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